Mooncakes for Cats and Dogs!

Hi Malaysia Pets Lovers!

We are glad to announce that we are now giving out free homemade mooncakes for every purchase on our website! Offer starts from now until 14th September 2015.

Weighing about 50g per piece, two pieces of healthy homemade pet mooncakes will be enclosed in each gift box for your lovely pet. Now your pet can also enjoy mid-autumn festival! ;)



To make sure it is suitable for most dogs and cats, we carefully selects the ingredients to make sure it does not cause allergy to your pets.

Main ingredients include wheat flour, olive oil, egg yolk, sweet potatoes and carrot. All ingredients are sourced fresh from supermarket!



Pets Love the Mooncake!

We have also carried out many times of beta testing with our own pets. We also give out to our friends to try on their pets.

The following video shows one of our beta tester - a schnauzer - eating the mooncake happily! He seems to like the mooncake very much!



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While we have taken considerable measures to make sure the ingredients are of the highest quality, we do not hold any responsibility if the cookies do eventually cause allergy to your pets.

To prevent adverse effect on consuming our homemade mooncake, it is recommended that owners should let their pets to try small portion (about 1/4 piece) at first. If your pets shows no adverse reaction to the new food – e.g. diarrhoea and common signs of allergies like itchy skin – you can then proceed to give more.