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GIGWI Catch & Scratch Duck with Catnips

- Contains catnips
– Soft and fluffy for your cat to enjoy cuddling
– Dimensions: 14 x 9 x 3cm
RM 35.00 RM 28.00

GIGWI Catch & Scratch Mosquito with Catnips

- Contains top quality natural North American catnips
– Designed to satisfy your cats hunting instincts and to keep it on its paws.
– Dimensions: 13.5cm x 9cm x 5cm
RM 35.00 RM 28.00

Gigwi Melody Chaser Bee

- A colorful, bumblebee shaped cat toy with a motion activated sound chip
– the toy comes with a built in motion sensor that when activated, will begin to realistically buzz like a bee, stimulating and satisfying your cats instinctual desire to stalk, hunt and trap various types of prey
– Dimensions: 9.5 * 6 * 6cm
RM 44.00 RM 28.00

HappyMeow Green Cat Toy With Catnips

- With catnips and bell
- 8cm wide (without tail)
- soft material
RM 23.00 RM 15.00

HappyMeow Monster Cat Toy With Catnips

- With catnips and interactive bell
- 8cm tall
- Features internal crinkle to get your cat excited
- Made from cotton & polyester
RM 23.00 RM 15.00

Holiday Cat Toy with Elastic-anchored Tail

- Elastic-anchored boa tail promotes dynamic wrestling
- With bell
RM 18.00